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Virtual Events Beta Test

Beta Testing Opportunity

Thank you for your interest in our private Virtual Events beta testing. We invite you to test a brand new Virtual Event Experience. With us launching a new Virtual Events company, we will be launching our 1st Virtual event soon. Before we officially launch, we would like you to be apart of the beta test.

What Am I Beta Testing?

The beta test will be for a Virtual Happy Hour.

What is Virtual Happy Hour?

Virtual Happy Hour is a Virtual Networking Happy Hour for Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners.

Date & Time

The beta test will happen on (Monday) May 18, 2020 from 7:00pm – 8:30pm.


Must live in Texas.

Must have a Zoom account.

Must have a High Definition Camera.

Must use a Smart Phone, Tablet or Computer.


If selected for beta testing, you will receive a 20% discount off of future Vip Passes as a token of our appreciation for your time.


Please use the following form below to fill out the application. If chosen, we will contact you by email with further instructions.

    Virtual Happy Hour Beta Test Application

    [Virtual Events]

    Have you beta tested a Virtual Event before?

    Would you like to beta test for us in the future?

    Why do you want to beta test Virtual Happy Hour?

    Why should we pick you to beta test Virtual Happy Hour?

    [Past Events]

    Have you attended any of our events in the past?
    (Networking Events, Singles Events, Happy Hours, Expo's)

    [Future Events]

    When we are able to host events in person, would you prefer to attend in person events or virtual events or both?
    Yes, I would like to attend bothNo, I wont be able to attend In Person but I can attend Virtual eventsNo, I wont be able to attend Virtual but I can attend In Person events