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Tradeshow Recap

One of our biggest tradeshows of the year!
Thank You to all of the attendees, exhibitors, sponsors and partners who participated in
Texas Real Estate Expo 2023, Texas Small Business Expo and Professional Women’s Expo on January 31, 2023.

Event Statistics

Total Tickets Sold: (1127) and over 700+ attendees attended!

Texas Attendance: Many cities from Texas were represented; in highest attendance were Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and other States around the United States.

Exclusive Raffle Drawing: Hundreds of attendees entered our exclusive raffle drawing with over $1000 worth of prizes plus a chance to win a BBQ Pit.

(Video from our January 31, 2023 Tradeshows)

Event Highlights

This was a one of a kind experience!
Featuring 3 Expo’s, Texas Real Estate Expo 2023, Texas Small Business Expo, Professional Women’s Expo with over 700+ attendees and industry leading exhibitors. We hope that you found the expo informative and worthwhile. Your presence helped make this event a great success and made our time together both productive and fun.