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Check In

Check-In Breakdown

Check In Process – Event attendees will be greeted by a Texas Networking Events host/hostess upon entering the venue to assist with the check-in process. Before checking in, attendees are required to present verification of their ticket purchase either by providing a printed out copy of your ticket or by a receipt showing you purchased your ticket. You can also show us a copy of your ticket from your smart phone.

Select Your Name Badge – After checking in, the attendee will then receive a name badge and a sharpie will be available for the attendee to write there name and industry on there badge. There are two purposes for doing this, the first is to let other attendees know your name and what it is you do. The second is to take the pressure out of approaching other professionals in similar industries. Once your done checking in, you will be able to enter the venue.

Times – Our events last for 2 hours and attendees are urged to stay for the duration of the event because of the special raffle drawing. Many attendees tend to show up later than planned for the event.

Gifts – The first person that enters the venue will receive a special gift and the first 10 attendees that enter the venue will each receive a special gift provided by one of our sponsors.

Raffle Drawing – All attendees that purchased a ticket will receive 1 raffle ticket. At the end of each event is a raffle drawing and multiple winners are selected. Each raffle prize value ranges between $10-$1500.